Pole Spears

Neritic Diving pole spears are guaranteed to withstand rugged use and to help you never miss a shot. Robust pole spears designed to be interchangeable and modular, giving you flexibility to handle any pole spear-spearfishing situation. 

Every part and piece of the "Neritic Big Blue" Pole Spear is completely interchangeable. This allows our standard package to be assembled as a 5,7,8, or 10 ft pole spear making it perfect for any occasion. Additional sections or roller conversion kits may be purchased, giving you the option to assemble any length or style  

In addition, our grip is machined into each section of the polespear, so no matter which way you arrange it, you will have a mid section grip and front section grip. The grip is a repeating groove for 8 inches of quality No-Slip-Grip

The Magnetic Slip-Tip is made of hardened stainless steel with a pentacut, or 5-sided tip that penetrates easily through the thickest of fish. Our slip tip comes with either cable and is attached to a pigtail swivel on a coated cable ring through our nosepiece section. This arrangement makes it less likely for your injector rod to bend, where the only stress is applied on initial impact.