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Our Mission

The Neritic mission is to provide freedivers and spearfishermen with the gear, the knowledge and the training necessary to dive deeper, longer, safer, and ultimately land more fish.

From polespears, to wetsuits, fins, dive bags and accessories, all of our gear has been designed, built and tested to give you confidence when it matters most. #SpearResponsibly #NeriticDiving 


New Women's Wetsuits

Neritic Diving premium Spearfishing Wetsuits and Freediving Wetsuits are available in a vast array of sizes and patterns. We use only premium fabrics and neoprenes such as 39 Yamamoto limestone neoprene to handcraft the best suit for your money. Built to last, choose Neritic Diving Spearfishing and Freediving Wetsuits. Neritic Diving Spearfishing and Freediving wetsuits are your best wetsuit for comfort, quality, functionality, and style without compromise.

Bahamas - Costa Rica - Mexico - San Diego - Key West & More

Spearfishing Expeditions

Once you've got the gear and have had all the training, its time to chase dreams! Ask about how to customize a private spearfishing expedition where we target some of the fish at the top of your list in some of the locations you have always wanted to visit.   

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Polespears & spearguns

Never miss a shot with Neritic Diving.

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Freediving Courses

Learn everything you need to become a freediver.

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Spearfishing Expeditions

Spearfishing adventures for all levels.

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From fins to gloves and camo wetsuit, here are the essentials to be the ultimate Neritic Diver.

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Florida Spearfishing Tournament

The Florida Spearfishing Tournament is an event that allows people from all over the state of Florida to compete! Spearfish all the time like you normally do, except now when you get that huge fish, enter it to win prizes or to become the TOP DOG! There are many categories, but you can only be the leader in one. Choose wisely!