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About us

Neritic Diving was founded in September 2015 by father and son duo, Charles J. Duffie (CJ) and Charles P. Duffie (Charlie). 

 Charles J. Duffie (CJ) has spent the last 20 years diving, and the last 10 years taking it to the extreme. CJ has been progressively pushing to dive deeper and traveling to the most remote locations in search of incredible fish and expeditions that leave long lasting memories. After years of trial and error, CJ is experienced and knowledgeable about spearfishing equipment and how to travel for spearfishing specific locations all over the world. If you like to spearfish or just want to get into it, CJ is a freediving instructor and a perfect guide for your next Spearfishing adventure.

Charles P. Duffie (Charlie) specializes in Aeronautical and mechanical engineering, machining and design for over 30 years.

This combination has given Neritic Diving the ability to design, manufacture, and assemble quality equipment that will never let you down. In addition, we offer impeccable customer service and are almost always available for any questions or interest you may have in our products. Being available for phone calls, text messages, social media communication, or emails, provides an intimate customer experience, including the swapping of fish stories! 

We look forward to working with you to give you the best experience possible.

SAFE Diving,

Neritic Diving Staff