CJ Duffie Headshot - Spearfishing Guide - Freediving Instructor

Neritic Diving was originally founded in September 2015 by father and son duo, Charles J. Duffie (CJ) and Charles P. Duffie (Charlie). 

Charles P. Duffie (Charlie) specializes in Aeronautical and mechanical engineering, machining and design for over 30 years and Charles J. Duffie (CJ) is a marine biologist that has spent the last 20 years diving, and the last 15 years taking it to the extreme.

Spearfishing in the most remote locations in search of incredible fish and expeditions has allowed Neritic to design and develop spearfishing equipment that is dependable when it matters most. From modular poles spears that break down easily for travel to fins, wetsuits, dive bags and accessories, Neritic Equipment has you covered. 

Neritic Diving provides expert solutions for every aspect of spearfishing beginning with equipment and gear selection. Choosing the right gear can be the difference between a magical moment or a terrible experience. Neritic Diving provides world-class training and courses for both Freediving and Spearfishing. Once your freediving and spearfishing skills have been tuned, we can take you on spearfishing trips to test your abilities.  

When traveling with spearfishing gear, Neritic Diving experts are able to provide advice for how to pack, what to pack, and travel tips for spearfishing all over the world. Neritic has offered both skull mount and tail mount taxidermy services for the last 7 years. From start to finish, CJ is passionate about helping you succeed when it comes to spearfishing at all levels.  

Spear responsibly,

Neritic Diving