"It has been a pleasure working with you from day one, when you were working with me to find the best combination of pole spear that would work for what I was looking for. I have used pole spears before but, nothing custom always just bought something cheap from the dive shop. You took the time to explain everything to me so I was set down the road. As I have been using the Neritic I am glad you took the time to explain the reasons behind the design and it has made me a better spear fisher. Now as far as the pole spear goes you have built something that is easy to break down and use in many different combinations but, also more importantly built to last. I went out last week with some buddies who use a different custom pole spears and I shot a nice Cobia and a buddy shot an amberjack at the same time. We came up, and his pole spear was bent in half with a smaller fish. Needless to say he is now buying a Neritic pole spear. I highly recommend this to all my friends not only is it a great pole spear but you are always looking to improve and keep us up to date on any new changes. Not to often do you buy a pole spear do they rush to make sure it will be ready in a week for a Bahamas trip but, also get messages every day on the trip to see how you did and to see what you caught. "   -Ryan Winter

"I picked up one of the Neritic pole spears after losing my previous pole spear to some shady customs agents in the Dominican Republic, and I couldn't be happier with my new Neritic. The spear is designed for big fish with a solid yet clean style. In the water, the pole spear handles well and hits hard, and has some quality craftsmanship. In addition to a great product, Charlie is a stand-up guy. During the shipment of my product, UPS caused an issue which Charlie immediately corrected despite not being at fault, and followed up to inquire about my satisfaction and thoughts. In short, the pole spear rocks and Neritic is founded by a quality guy. I would highly recommend the product and the service from Neritic. You guys have a good thing going, keep it up!"   - Milo Talokonnikoff

" I shot my Neritic polespear for the first time on my last bahamas trip. Man does it punch hard. The range of it is beyond anything I've used before. But my favorite thing is the slip tip, it's a pentacut so it cuts through anything you hit. Another plus is that the slip tip is held in by magnets so there is no need to keep the spectra tight. By far one of the best polespears I've had in my hand."   - Gavin Mock

"This pole spear is exceptionally fast for a heavy duty spear! Has stopping power and penetration power that is unmatched by any other stick on the market! If your ready to land bigger fish on primitive gear the Neritic Is the one to turn too!! #GoGetARecord"   - Sean David Hascup

"Good morning, I just want thank you again for the one on one help you provided me with in the choice and set up with the fins. They feel great, fit perfect, and their as tough as I needed them to be. I was so hard on them the first day I’ve ever had them out lol. I know I’ll have the same reaction with my wetsuit. Looking forward to coming home and getting to set up a charter with you down in south Florida or Costa Rica. "   -Trustan Mcmillion

"Hey man, very much appreciated for putting together the trip. Had an absolutely blast…appreciate the encouragement, stern coaching when needed and the overall hospitality. Be safe on the water man, expecting to see you in a few weeks! “There is a clear difference between booking a spearing charter and booking a weekend with CJ and Neritic Diving. They do not simply run a charter business but rather provide a full, top notch, spearing experience. From the knowledge of the local waters, support while diving, amazing camera footage and wonderful meals after each day the experience could not have been better. Our trip was an late game pivot from the Bahamas to Key West and though it was to start in just two days CJ put together a plan to not only coach and stretch us a divers but put us on personal bests in terms of quality of dives, trigger pull depths and of course epic fish. Couldn’t have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend CJ and Neritic diving to anyone looking for a trip of a lifetime…he has my business moving forward.” Branch Manager, Northern VA "   Erik Murnane, LEED Green Associate

" CJ guided myself and my two good friends on an all-inclusive trip to Key West. Originally we had planned a Bahamas trip but had to make a last second audible to Key West due to inclement weather on East Coast. I, along with my friends were incredibly grateful that he was able to get us in the water despite a last minute change. The weekend surpassed all of my expectations. From putting us on fish, giving us helpful tips in-between dives, and literally being by our sides all three days gave me an extra sense of comfort. Because of all this I was able to pull the trigger at 80' and shoot fish comfortably at 70', something I never thought I would be able to do. We had a few uncomfortable situations with sharks and also with wrangling big fish. CJ did an outstanding job controlling the situations and letting us know how to improve so that we do not put ourselves in danger during future spearfishing trips. His underwater photography and videography was absolutely incredible. Just an added perk which I did not expect. Breakfast and lunch was provided every day and each night CJ prepared fresh fish and ceviche along with fresh salsa - the food was out of this world! I also have a freezer full of mutton snapper, African Pompano, permit, margate, yellow-jack and cubera snapper! Overall, I would give the trip a 10 out of 10. We have already planned our next dive trip in Key West and are working on an international trip with CJ. "   -Joe Delinks Tampa, FL